About us

Family law firm, since 2005.

Having previously practiced law for 25 years, Branislav Brano Ćupić started this family-owned law firm in 2005.

Since our inception, we have been recognized as a successful and highly regarded firm offering a wide range of services and acting as a reliable, loyal and competent partner to our clients. It is this professional attitude towards our clients that earned us a lasting business reputation in Montenegro.

This law firm continually invests in its employees professional development, working to improve their skills and knowledge, with a special focus on commercial, business, labor and civil law.

Since founding of the Intellectual Property Office of Montenegro in 2008, our law firm has been actively engaged in the protection of intellectual property rights and has been acting as the legal representative of the applicant who filed the first trademark and patent application in Montenegro.

While maintaining a relationship of mutual trust and respect with its clients, Ćupić Law Firm remains committed to providing them with comprehensive, high-quality and efficient professional support, which is exactly why many international and local companies choose to use our services.

We have established a long-lasting and successful collaboration with specialists from various business industries, but also with law offices across the region and worldwide, whose expertise adds value to our services.

Our mission is to provide the precise, efficient and quality service.

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